The NR-1 Supermileage Vehicle is an innovative automobile platform which offers a variety of novelties.

The most innovative advancement is the incorporation of the CHB-Evo. Internal Combustion Engine. To learn more about the CHB-Evo. Internal Combustion Engine, please visit for further information.

The fiberglass body is supported by an all welded tubular chassis, which has front and rear provisions to assemble the independent front and rear suspensions. These suspension assemblies have been designed in light of space, roll-resistance and collision requirements.

The independent rear and front suspensions are of proprietary designs, which enable the passenger compartment to be as spacious as possible. The unique design of the tubular chassis in cooperation with the suspension assemblies, has a tremendous benefit in front and rear collisions.

The engine finds room in the aft oriented engine compartment. The engine compartment is located at the rear and the trunk is located in the front.